Winter Skincare

15 Tips for Winter Skincare

It's getting pretty chilly here in South Korea and as it's the end of November Winter is officially here and my skin is getting drier than the Sahara. It's time to crank up the skincare and follow my 15 trusted tips for perfect skin this season! (This is going to be a long and wordy …

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Winter Skincare

My Winter Skincare Routine

Morning Routine Step 1: Remove Eye & Lip Make-up Bioderma Sensibio H2O My holy grail for removing eye and lip make-up! In the morning this is great for getting any makeup residue that might not have thoroughly been removed the night before. I love how soothing it feels on my eyes and makes me feel …

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Craft Burger Osaka

Craft Burger Co. | The Best Burger in Osaka | Japan

Craft Burger Co. is my go to place in Osaka for gourmet burgers. In fact it's probably the best burger I have ever had anywhere. I love burgers, especially when they are well made and I do have a few favourite locations back home in London, but nothing so far beats the mouth-watering deliciousness of …

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Sauce Boss Osaka

Sauce Boss| Gourmet Chicken Wings & Craft Beer in Osaka | Japan

If you're ever in the mood for some good old chicken wings while in Osaka, Sauce Boss is the best place to get your fix. Sauce Boss is a small gourmet chicken wings and craft beer restaurant run by a lovely Canadian man named Johnny. Johnny and his staff are extremely attentive, friendly and welcoming; …

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