Sauce Boss| Gourmet Chicken Wings & Craft Beer in Osaka | Japan

If you’re ever in the mood for some good old chicken wings while in Osaka, Sauce Boss is the best place to get your fix.

Sauce Boss is a small gourmet chicken wings and craft beer restaurant run by a lovely Canadian man named Johnny. Johnny and his staff are extremely attentive, friendly and welcoming; you’ll often see Johnny himself going around each table greeting and having a little chat with customers, making sure they feel welcome and are having a great time.

Sauce Boss Osaka
Lovely member of staff at the bar making a custom shot on my request just before closing at the end of a busy day – as it was the chef’s birthday. Was nice chatting and hearing his experiences while he made drinks. He owns a cool skateboard shop in the area too!

The gourmet chicken wings come in a variety of different housemade sauce flavours that you can choose from. Their’s enough variety to suit any taste preference ranging from mild, tangy and spicy; some creamy, some with a hint of sweetness and some with a fiery kick.

Sauce Boss OsakaSauce Boss Osaka

As well as gourmet chicken wings, they also do a variety of different delicious side dishes that you can have along with the wings, and at lunch time they do sandwiches/burgers that look absolutely amazing but I have yet to try these as they only started their lunch menu after I left Osaka – I have heard from friends that the sandwiches are actually really great (menu details can be found on their website – link below).

Sauce Boss Wing Wednesdays 

If you’re super hungry then Sauce Boss’s Wing Wednesdays is the way to go! Every Wednesday Sauce Boss chooses 5 of their chicken wing flavours to serve as part of their Wings Wednesdays night, where you can eat unlimited wings for only 2000¥ per person. You can check their facebook, twitter or instagram to find out which 5 flavours they have on that particular Wednesday.  They also have all the other flavours on their regular menu at their regular price of small plate (3 wings) 900¥ and large plate (5 wings) 1300¥.

On a Wednesday the 2000¥ all-you-can eat + 1 drink deal is great value but honestly in my opinion their every day prices are still fairly reasonable considering the portions and selection of craft beers from around the world – which you probably can’t find anywhere else in Osaka – so if you’re not in Osaka on a Wednesday I would still highly recommend going here on whichever day you are.

I would advise to reserve a table in advance, because they do get really busy on Wednesdays and are often busy on regular days too.

Sauce Boss Osaka

Sauce boss is so good that I have been there on Wednesdays and also other days of the week many times – I’ve even been there just to pick up some wings to takeaway and have at home.

Here are a few photos I took of some of the flavours I have tried:


My favourite flavours are:

  • Chili Lime
  • Are you Insane?
  • Hot
  • Bourbon BBQ
  • Honey Garlic

Flavours that I have eaten that were worth trying at-least once, but not my favourite were the following:

  • Thai Green Curry & Coconut
  • Classic Buffulo
  • Jalapeño & Cheese
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Mild
  • Creamy Curry

Flavours I would like to try on my next visit are:

  • Pineapple Teriyaki
  • GarPar (Garlic and Parmesan)
  • Garlic Butter & Herb
  • Saboten Special
  • Chinese BBQ
  • Korean Kick
  • Fire & Ice

I love the relaxed atmosphere of the place, the music here is always great with old school hip hop tunes that are totally my jam! – I often forget I’m in Japan when I go here, even with some customers speaking Japanese I feel like I’m back home in multi-cultural London. It’s definitely a fun place to chill and munch with friends, and you can often meet and chat with other friendly locals, both Japanese and non-Japanese, as well as tourists who have just heard of the popularity and want to know whats up!

Another great thing about this place is the NO SMOKING policy – smoking indoors is usually an acceptable thing in Japan but it can get quite frustrating for people who are not used to getting a waft of cigarette smoke blown in their direction or just generally in the air while trying to eat at a restaurant – so its refreshing (literally) to know that people can’t smoke in here.

Sauce Boss
1-5-13 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0014, Osaka Prefecture

+81 6-7171-7938


How to get there:

Sauce Boss Osaka

I’d love to know your thoughts on this restaurant, so please leave a comment below 🙂
– Saima –

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  1. Miks

    Hi Simply Saima,

    Thank you for your great and in depth review of this place. I must say I took on board your recommendation and was not disappointed! Can’t wait for new posts and what comes next from you! ^_^

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